Ice Theatre of New York’s 2012 Home Season

Ice Theatre of New York’s 2012 Home Season

Come watch Ice Theatre of New York’s 2012 Home Season,

featuring the Company in several new pieces and some favorite repertory pieces.

Some guest artists will be joining the ensemble, as well as performing their solo work, including

Ryan BradleyNicole BobekKim Navarro & Brent Bommentre and Sinead & John Kerr.

Tickets are $25, including for the performance only on the Gala night

(Monday – note abbreviated show – featuring Richard Dwyer – see Benefit Gala for more information).

For Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20 only:
Discount tickets available for seniors and students at $15. Group rates available for groups of 10 or more.
Please contact the office at (212) 929-5811 for more information.

 Click here to purchase tickets

Pat Kiernan Blogs About Celebrity Skate 2012

NY1 News in the Morning host and Celebrity Skate 2012 contestant Pat Kiernan has been practicing with partner Eve Chalom, preparing for next week’s event. He took a moment to blog about how rehearsals and preparations are going on his blog. Here’s a preview of what he had to say:

Pat Blog

See his full blog here!

Remember, Celebrity Skate 2012 is next Thursday, May 17, at 7:00 p.m. at Chelsea Piers.

Tickets are still available:

Welcome to the Ice Theatre of New York’s Blog!

Hello and welcome to our Ice Theatre of New York Blog!

In this first blog entry, I want to discuss what it feels like to skate…What is the rush, the adrenaline, the joy, and the addiction that those who skate feel so passionately about? Outside of the competitions, the medals, the rules, the qualifications and the business that defines what type of skater one is, there is the special feeling that is unique to our sport: the feeling of flight for some, the feeling of swimming through space, the feeling of the act of skating. I believe that this is a universal feeling amongst all disciplines in skating: hockey, speed skating, short track, and figure…it is a connection to a push that creates glide that sends us forward through space and makes us feel free…the friction of the blade melting the ice and allowing us to slide, glide and move in a way that is intoxicating. Skating is pure pleasure whether playing sport or making art. For some, it’s an etching on the ice. For others, it is transportation. For others, it’s a moving yoga. What does skating mean to you? How does it make you feel? And why do you ice skate?

We want to use this blog as an opportunity to pursue a dialogue about ice skating, about choreography, about the history of our craft, but mostly to give people an opportunity to share the joy and passion that skating brings to each of our lives.

Ice Theatre of New York will serve to host the discussion with choreographers, to promote events, to discuss technique, to reinvigorate the past history, to delight in the present and to encourage the future of skating. It is a place to talk about skating that has nothing to do with IJS judging, passing tests, or winning a medal.

On May 17th at 7:00 PM, Ice Theatre of New York will be hosting its Spring Fling: Celebrity Skate 2012. The event is much like the television show “Dancing with the Stars” where celebrities will be matched with Ice Theatre partners and perform their routines in front of a live audience.

Here are a few quotes from participants of Celebrity Skate 2012 about ice skating:

Nicole Miller (Fashion Designer): ” I love ice skating. I think skating is so exhilarating. I know when I get to work after skating I’m in a great mood”

Robert Engle (Nobel Laureate): “It (skating) makes me feel fabulous. It’s the best exercise in the world!”

Pat Kiernan (News Anchor): “Of course you ice skate! That’s what you do in Canada, you learn to ice skate!”

Elisa Angeli (principal performer ITNY): “Skating makes me feel like a bird—like myself flying on the ice!”

Andrew Lavrik (principal performer ITNY): Simply..”skating is Amazing!”

Here are links to see the videos of these skaters gearing up for the big night!

Please follow our Celebrity Skate 2012 event and stay in touch for news about our fall Gala where we will honor the man who probably loves ice skating more than anyone else: Mr. Debonair himself, Richard Dwyer.

Thank you—we hope you enjoy our Ice Theatre of New York blog. Please let us know your thoughts.

Warm regards,
Douglas Webster
Artistic Director of The Ice Theatre of New York