About the Company

Founded in 1984 by Moira North, Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) has changed the face of figure skating by creating works that integrate the sensibilities of contemporary dance, music and art. Through its performances in both traditional and alternative venues, ITNY presents on-ice dances that challenge the perceptions and conventional definitions of figure skating. ITNY was the first ice dance company to receive dance program funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. In addition to building and performing works of artistic merit, ITNY also reaches out to the next generation of skaters and audiences through its exemplary education, community outreach and training programs.

“Since its establishment in 1984, the Ice Theatre of New York has combined the best of ice skating, dance and theater to create cutting edge performances that represent the very best New York’s creative community has to offer.” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Vartan Gregorian, the President of The Carnegie Corporation of New York, says “Institutions like [Ice Theatre] are responsible for giving New York City the unparalleled artistic and cultural spirit that has made it the envy of the world.”

This season ITNY will continue its tradition of collaborating with choreographers from both the dance and skating worlds, as well as exploring relationships with artists from theatre, music and new media disciplines. 2011-2012 season highlights include: ITNY’s 2011 Benefit Gala and Performance honoring Johnny Weir, continued collaborations with Improv Everywhere, Julliard Dance Program and Fashion Week, free performances as part of the City Skate Concert Series at Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park and Queens’s World Ice Arena; New Works & Young Artists Series at Riverbank State Park in Manhattan, City Ice Pavilion and World Ice Arena in Queens to serve city school children; special holiday performances at Rockefeller Center, Riverbank State Park, Bryant Park, and Chelsea Piers, and the Winter Festival in Milford, PA. This past holiday season ITNY performed Dollywood Christmas on Ice in Pigeon Forge, TN.


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